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Selected readings

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Blogging for Mphil MCT Blog and WoNoMute

2018 ~ Editor for the WoNoMute-Seminar series

14.07.2019 – Seismerssion: Retrospectives on an audio-visual installation

17.05.2019 – Blue Sky Visions on Sonic Futures

10.05.2019 – Augmented Reality and Ambisonics

30.04.2019 – Sound in Space, Exhibition at KIT Gallery Trondheim

24.04.2019 – How music related motion-tracking can sound

19.04.2019 – The sound of Traffic – Sonic Vehicle pathelormeter

17.01.2019 – What old mammals teach us on open source technologies and ourselves

11.11.2018 – Metaverk at Metamorph Trondheim, Exhibition

29.10.2018 – Reflection on working in hyper-connected environments

2014 – Blogging for German news blog on netizen rights and more



2018    Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim Master in ‘Music, Communication and Technology’ (2018~)

2017    Beuth University for Applied Sciences Berlin, ‘Media Informatics’ online-studies (one semester)

2014    University of Vienna, Bachelor of Arts ‘Theater-Film and Media Studies’ with a minor in Philosophy (2009 – 2014)


2019    ICLI 2020 Trondheim, Local organizing Committee (~)

2018    WoNoMute, Research Assistant, Editor and Co-Chair (~)

2017    Media-X-Change Berlin, web production and design (04.2017 – 08.2018)

2016   Schiwago Film Berlin, production assistant (6 weeks)

2014    netzpolitik org Berlin, editorial internship (4 weeks)

2013    University of Vienna, tutorship ‘Tactility from László Moholy-Nagy to Marshall McLuhan‘ with Prof. Klemens Gruber (4 months)

2007    Deutsche Welle Bonn, employed for the media forum ‘Asia-Pacific and Europe Media Dialogue’ (6 weeks)




2019 The Royal Norwegian Science Society, Seismerssion – an immersive sonic exploration of noise in the ocean, presentation 

2019 Lyd i havet – Noise in the ocean, audiovisual installation for the NTNU Science Festival ‘The Big Challenge’, Research, concept and artistic co-implementation

2019 Seismerssion, audiovisual installation for the NTNU – Ocean Week, Research, concept and artistic co-implementation

2019 All Womens Networked Jam Session (AWNJS) Oslo/Trondheim, telematic happening, technical assistance (led by Alex-Murray Leslie)

2017 Alinæ Numr Festival Storkow, sommer concert Richardchor Neukölln (choir, altus)

2017 Velak-Gala #92 Vienna, performance from tape

2017 Chor[at]Berlin Radialsystem Berlin, concert ‘Ode an die Nacht’ choir, altus (led by Harald Weiss)

2013 Multi-Media Installation Vienna,‘Parapraxis II’ performance staff and production assistance (led by Stephanie Winter)

2012 brut-Künstlerhaus Vienna, performance staff  for theater play (led by Angela Richter)

2011 brut-Kunstlerhaus Vienna, workshop and installation ‘Video and the Sublime’ (led by Chris Kondek)

2011 School’ Vienna, Electro-Hammam one-band-stand performance on Ableton Live (led by Hazekina Pollutina)


2018 Spektrum Berlin, VJ live performance, ‘We need more woman VJ’s closing session’

2018 Spektrum Berlin, ‘We need more woman VJ’s, workshop (led by Al-ice)

2018 Spektrum Berlin, Max4Live workshop (led by Sebastièn Vaillancourt)

2018 Spektrum Berlin, Introduction to Processing workshop for Sound and Visuals (led by Juan Carlos Duarte Regino)

2017 Spektrum Berlin, Electronic Sound Art Production Workshop for Women (led by Veronica Mota)

2016 SAE Institute-Workshop Berlin, Audio-Engineering Workshop for Audio-Book Creation

2016 Wave-Akademie Berlin, Sound Design Mixing-Workshop

2016 Cimdata Medienakademie Berlin, Sound-Video-Design Training (total 5 months)

2014 Comcave Berlin, Adobe Premiere Training (4 weeks)