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soundcloud/min-2 Blogging: wonomute.no mct-master.github.io Collaborations: Music video production for Jana & die Piraten Short videos production for charitable institutions        


..Came across my path, some more, some less… HTML & CSS, Logic , Ableton Live 9,   Premiere Pro C,  Final Cut , Resolume Avenue 6, Indesign, Pro Tools, Java, Max4Live, Processing, After Effects, 3D Max, Csound, Reaper   German, native speaker/ English, C1/  S/B/C, A2 / French, A2 /Norwegian, A1


2018    WoNoMute, Co-Chair (2018) 2018    Norwegian University of Science and Technology Trondheim, ‘Music, Communication and Technology’ (2018~) 2017    Beuth University for Applied Sciences Berlin, ‘Media Informatics’ online-studies (2017) 2017    Media-X-Change Berlin, web production and design (04.2017 – 08.2018) 2016   Schiwago Film Berlin, production assistant (6 weeks) 2014    netzpolitik org Berlin, editorial […]


2018      All Womens Networked Jam Session (AWNJS) Oslo/Trondheim, telematic happening, technical assistance 2018      Spektrum Berlin, VJ live performance, ‘We need more woman VJ’s closing session’  2018      Spektrum Berlin, ‘We need more woman VJ’s, workshop (with Al-ice) 2018      Spektrum Berlin, Max4Live workshop (with Sebastièn Vaillancourt) 2018      Spektrum Berlin, Introduction to Processing workshop […]