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vimeo.com/ieriora  twitter/Alcedinidea9 soundcloud/min-2   Collaborations with others: Music video for Jana & die Piraten Short videos for charitable institutions      


..Came across my path, some more, some less… HTML & CSS, Logic , Ableton Live 9,   Premiere Pro C,  Final Cut , Resolume Avenue 6, Indesign, Pro Tools, Java, Max4Live, Processing, After Effects, 3D Max, Csound, Reaper   German, native speaker/ English, C1/  S/B/C, A2 / French, A2 /Norwegian, A1


2018    WoNoMute, Co-Chair (2018) 2018    Norwegian University of Science and Technology Trondheim, ‘Music, Communication and Technology’ (2018~) 2017    Beuth University for Applied Sciences Berlin, ‘Media Informatics’ online-studies (2017) 2017    Media-X-Change Berlin, web production and design (04.2017 – 08.2018) 2016   Schiwago Film Berlin, production assistant (6 weeks) 2014    netzpolitik org Berlin, editorial […]


2018      Spektrum Berlin, ‘We need more woman VJ’s, workshop (with Al-ice) 2018      Spektrum Berlin, Max4Live workshop (with Sebastièn Vaillancourt) 2018      Spektrum Berlin, Introduction to Processing workshop for Sound and Visuals (Juan Carlos Duarte Regino) 2017     Alinæ Numr Festival Storkow, sommer concert Richardchor Neukölln (choir, altus) 2017     Spektrum Berlin, Electronic Sound Art Production […]