Performance, workshops and non-academic traning

2018      All Womens Networked Jam Session (AWNJS) Oslo/Trondheim, telematic happening, technical assistance (led by Alex-Murray Leslie)

2018      Spektrum Berlin, VJ live performance, ‘We need more woman VJ’s closing session’ 

2018      Spektrum Berlin, ‘We need more woman VJ’s, workshop (led by Al-ice)

2018      Spektrum Berlin, Max4Live workshop (led by Sebastièn Vaillancourt)

2018      Spektrum Berlin, Introduction to Processing workshop for Sound and Visuals (led by Juan Carlos Duarte Regino)

2017     Alinæ Numr Festival Storkow, sommer concert Richardchor Neukölln (choir, altus)

2017     Spektrum Berlin, Electronic Sound Art Production Workshop for Women (led by Veronica Mota)

2017     Velak-Gala #92 Vienna, performance from tape

2017     Chor[at]Berlin Radialsystem Berlin, concert ‘Ode an die Nacht’ choir, altus (led by Harald Weiss)

2016     SAE Institute-Workshop Berlin, Audio-Engineering Workshop for Audio-Book Creation

2016     Wave-Akademie Berlin, Sound Design Mixing-Workshop

2016     Cimdata Medienakademie Berlin, Sound-Video-Design Training  (total 5 months)

2014      Comcave Berlin, Adobe Premiere Training (4 weeks)

2013      Multi-Media Installation Vienna,‘Parapraxis II’ performance staff and production assistance (led by Stephanie Winter)

2012       brut-Künstlerhaus Vienna, performance staff  for theater play (led by Angela Richter)

2011      brut-Kunstlerhaus Vienna, workshop ‘Video and the Sublime’ (led by Chris Kondek)

2011      ‘School’ Vienna, Electro-Hammam one-band-stand performance on Ableton Live (led by Hazekina Pollutina)